triQQr Beta 0.2

Send messages to Twitter from your desktop

Many interface improvements and bug fixes


  • Many interface improvements and bug fixes

Do you twitter? It's probably one of the most fashionable online activities you can do these days. Everybody loves Twitter and everybody feels anxious to let the world know what they're doing in that precise moment.

If you're a twitterholic too, then this application is for you. triQQr is a Twitter submitter and reader, so you can read your Twitter timeline with it. triQQr tries to update every two minutes, if Twitter is available and shows the latest messages from the timeline.

When you launch triQQr, the program asks for your username and password and connects you to your personal Twitter homepage. You can see your profile and your friends list. To send a twitter, just enter the text in the message box and click on the button. Messages can be sent as public twitters or just for the friend you select.

This is a beta version and some functionalities (like the options menu) are not available yet. Despite that, it's a very promising tool that will come in very handy for all those Twitter fans out there.

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triQQr Beta 0.2

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